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Listen Carefully Website Case Study

Empowering Advocacy for Better Hearing Health

Listen Carefully by Starkey Laboratories Inc. is a groundbreaking Website aimed at bridging the gap between patients, hearing health professionals, and local state policymakers. With over 44 million Americans experiencing some form of hearing loss, the need for effective advocacy and solutions is paramount. Listen Carefully serves as a comprehensive resource hub, fostering advocacy, education, and news dissemination across four key pillars of the hearing health industry:

  • Over the counter hearing aids
  • Hearing protection
  • The hearing health model
  • Medicare coverage


  • User engagement – While the original Website offered valuable resources, user engagement metrics was non-existent; indicating a need for improved accessibility and interactivity.
  • Information overload – The abundance of outdated information and dated formatting overwhelmed users, making it difficult to navigate and locate specific resources.
  • Advocacy efforts – Although the original Website aimed to facilitate advocacy, the process of connecting users with policymakers lacked efficiency and immediacy.


  • Redesign Listen Carefully by addressing these challenges while enhancing the user experience and advocacy capabilities.
  • User-centric design – Prioritize the user experience, featuring intuitive navigation, clear categorization of resources, and a visually appealing layout to improve engagement and retention.
  • Streamlined content – To combat information overload, the content was reorganized and streamlined, ensuring that users could easily find relevant resources within each pillar of advocacy, education, and news.
  • Enhanced advocacy tools: The introduction of “Voter Voice” revolutionized advocacy efforts by providing users with a seamless interface to directly engage with policymakers and advocates in their state.


  • Increased engagement – User engagement metrics saw a notable uptick following the redesign, with users spending more time on the site and exploring a greater variety of resources.
  • Improved accessibility – The revamped navigation and streamlined content made it easier for users to access relevant information, resulting in higher satisfaction rates and reduced bounce rates.
  • Efficient advocacy – The implementation of the “Voter Voice” plugin proved to be a game-changer, facilitating swift and impactful advocacy actions by connecting users directly with policymakers and advocates. This resulted in heightened awareness and support for hearing health-related legislation across various states.

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Conclusion: The redesign of Listen Carefully exemplifies the power of technology in driving meaningful change and advocacy in the realm of hearing health. By prioritizing user experience, streamlining content, and enhancing advocacy tools, the Website has emerged as a vital resource for patients, professionals, and policymakers alike. Moving forward, Listen Carefully remains committed to its mission of empowering individuals to advocate for quality solutions for hearing loss, thereby improving the lives of millions of Americans nationwide suffering from some form of hearing loss.


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