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L·A VideoProduction

L•A VideoProduction

Video & Photography

LA videoproduction video & photography

Visualize . Entertain . Inform


Continuing a long tradition of producing television commercials as early as the 1960's to sales training videos for large corporate accounts, L•A VideoProduction produces its first series of digital video on CD-ROM for Penske Logistics in 1997; incorporates digital video into touch-screen kiosks by 2000 for Interspace Airport Advertising, as well as for client trade shows, lobby display and education; produces a series of YouTube videos for educational purposes in 2013; posts its first Mannequin Challenge, Facebook video that went viral in 2017; starts shooting drone footage by 2019; and is designated as a preferred creative resource to Innovare Medical Media in 2020 to design and produce digital display graphics for its hospital advertising network.

Enhance your marketing efforts through memorable storytelling by creating richer and more dynamic forms of both written and visual communication designed to engage your audience and elicit a quicker response: storyboarding • videography • editing • graphic animation • photography • distribution.


$150 hour
  • Testimonials
  • Company Overviews
  • Training
  • Drone


$200 hour
  • Whiteboard
  • 2D Explainer
  • Product Demos
  • 3D Wireframes


$450 half day
  • Portrait
  • Group
  • Product
  • Real Estate

* Prices may vary from what is shown and are for budgeting purposes only.
Projects billed at a fixed cost based on scope of work and contract approval.


Work directly with our team of marketing and technology experts, and creative professionals.