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Ask the Experts

L•A Factoids

Get answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to the creative services of: Branding & Design • Websites & Online Marketing • Video & Photography • Print & Online.

Frequently Asked Questions

America Online

American Online (AOL) is a proprietary online service that went live in 1985, prior to the World Wide Web. It was a subscription based service, providing e-mail, as well as news and other information to its community of members. L•A Interactive launched its first online marketing campaign on AOL in 1993.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is a computer algorithm that makes it possible for machines to perform human-like tasks from data input and experience, such as speech recognition, manufacturing, automation, and thinking.

Bitmap graphics

Also called ‘raster’ files, bitmap graphics are created from rows of different colored pixels to form an image. Bitmaps are not as well-suited to creating scalable images as vector files are. Usually photographic, bitmap files are resolution-dependent and can become pixelated (blurry) when enlarged. Mainly used for photo retouching, a popular desktop publishing tool is Adobe Photoshop. File extensions include: .psd and .jpg

Brand Style Guide

An instruction manual that defines your company’s brand, such as mission, vision, value proposition, culture, tone, color scheme, graphics, and written text.

Collateral material

Generally printed items, such as brochures, flyers, business cards, or any other form of documentation used to communicate and promote a company’s products, services, and brand.

Constant Contact

An e-mail marketing platform to help businesses easily create and disseminate custom designed or templated ‘e-blasts’ to a segmented list of contacts. Mailchimp is also a commonly used platform.


Customer Relationship Management is utilized by companies to manage its interactions with customers by using a combination of strategies and technology to study large amounts of customer-related information for the purpose of improving customer relationships, strengthening customer retention, and increasing sales.

Domain authority

Domain authority is a search engine ranking developed by that scores (ranging from 1 to 100) a Website’s relevance to other Websites according to similar subject matter and industry type.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are typically short, 2D animated films designed to convey a complex concept, such as a new product or service in a simple and engaging way.

File formats for images

JPG (commonly used for compressed photos) • BMP (non-compressed images that support transparent backgrounds) • EPS (vector line art files for high-resolution print production) • PDF (a portable document format independent of any software)

File formats for video

MP4 (universal format for uploading decent quality video to streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook) • AVI (provides slightly higher video quality than MP4) • QuickTime (developed by Apple Computer and bundled with macOS)

GA4, Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 replaces Google’s Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. One reason is Google’s shift to a “privacy first” approach. For instance, Google will no longer store IP addresses. Additional benefits include more robust cross-device and cross-platform tracking.

Generative AI

Generative AI (or Artificial Intelligence) is a technology that can produce various types of content, such as text, imagery, and data based on existing information. One of the biggest benefits of Generative AI is that it speeds up the content creation process.

Google Analytics

A free analytics tool that tracks and reports Website traffic, such as user sessions, page views, and more for analysis and support of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. A Google account is required to access the Tracking Code required to be installed on your Website.

L•A MediaBank

File storage and content management made easy. Download and share your branded marketing materials, such as logos, photos, videos and more!

LIFESTYLES Over 50 Northeastern Pennsylvania

A print magazine by L•A Publishing, distributed 6x per year to 9,000 seniors and their families throughout all ten counties of northeastern Pennsylvania. Sharing stories of vibrant, healthy and productive living! View our latest issues.

Meta Pixel

The Meta Pixel by Facebook is a piece of Javascript code used on Websites that tracks the actions users take on your Website, like visiting a page. You can ‘Retarget’ previous visitors to your Website by displaying ads on their Facebook page.

A membership program that matches the challenges and needs of small business owners with benefits of AI, Artificial Intelligence and the advice of contributing experts, representing the professions of: Marketing & Sales • Information Technology • Accounting & Finance • Operations Management.

Organic vs. Paid digital marketing

Organic focuses on generating traffic to your Website for free – increasing traffic gradually over a longer period of time – by publishing relevant and quality content. Paid requires investing in methods of driving traffic to your Website for the purpose of generating immediate results by purchasing paid ads directed to a specific demographic.


PPC, Pay Per Click is an Internet marketing strategy that involves advertisers paying a fee each time their ad is clicked when displayed as a result of a related keyword search.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software solution that you purchase on a subscription basis. It allows users to connect to and use cloud-based Apps over the Internet. Common examples are e-mail, calendaring, and office tools, such as Microsoft Office 365. 

Sales funnel

A sales funnel is the marketing term used to describe the process a potential customer follows before committing to a purchase. The typical sales funnel includes four stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action.


SEO, Search Engine Marketing is the method of promoting a Website, generally through paid strategies such as PPC, Pay Per Click; Social Media Ads; Banner Ads; and Ad Retargeting.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a Website’s configuration, content relevancy, and popularity so its pages can be easily found during organic searches and ranked higher by search engines (such as Google).


SSL, Secure Socket Layer is an Internet standard for securing a Website’s information through encrypting data passed between two servers – preventing hackers from stealing highly confidential customer information, such as their password, credit card or bank account.

SSL Certificate

Secure your Website by purchasing an SSL Certificate to authenticate your Website’s identity and enable an encrypted connection by hosting your Website with L•A Interactive or other reputable, third-party Web hosting service provider.

Tell your story ... Share your brand!

The mission statement of group of creative services: Enhance your marketing efforts through memorable storytelling by creating richer and more Dynamic forms of both written and visual communication designed to Engage your audience and elicit a quicker Response. View our video portfolio.

Vector graphics

The vector file format is ideal for printing since the artwork is made from a series of mathematical curves that will print crisply even when resized. For example, a vector logo on your business card can be enlarged to billboard size and retain the same quality resolution. Adobe Illustrator is one popular desktop publishing tool used for creating vector line art. File extensions include: .ai and .eps

Video mailer

A custom printed, direct mail piece with a paper thin, integrated LCD screen to display a pre-recorded digital video upon opening. 

Web analytics

The invaluable process of collecting, reporting, and analyzing Website data for the purpose of improving one’s Website strategy and results. Data includes but, is not limited to: page views, unique visits, return visits, etc. A popular Web analytics tool is Google Analytics.

When did L•A Interactive launch its first online marketing campaign?

L•A Interactive launched its first online marketing campaign in 1993 on AOL, America Online.

When did L•A Interactive launch its first Website?

L•A Interactive was one of six U.S. based advertising agencies who launched their first Website in 1993, the year the World Wide Web was made public. L•A’s first customer Website was launched in 1995 for Bethlehem Steel Corporation.


WordPress is a CMS, Content Management System that uses open source PHP code and a MySQL database, enabling the layperson to design, build and manage a Website without any programming knowledge or experience.

WordPress - How do I get it?

WordPress is free, as are many of its third-party plugins. However, you will need to purchase a domain (www address) to associate with it, as well as have your Website hosted with a reputable Web hosting service provider, such as L•A Interactive. 

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web was invented in 1989 for information sharing between universities by using the backbone of the Internet. The WWW was made public in 1993 through the use of free browser software.

Your connection is not private

Many popular Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, display this warning when they do not recognize a Website or Web page as encrypted. Meaning: The Website you are attempting to view is not using an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) or HTTPS secure designation – required for the transfer of secure data and personal information.

Your connection is not private - How do I fix this?

You’ll need to purchase an SSL Certificate to associate with your Website (URL). L-A Interactive provides an SSL Certificate as part of its Web hosting package.


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