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Buckno Lisicky Website Case Study

Insight. Opportunity. Strategy.

Buckno Lisicky & Company’s expert and professional staff go above and beyond the anticipated level of service with the resources to exceed conventional checks and balances. Buckno Lisicky’s team of Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants has the credentials, experience and most advanced computer technology to develop strategic, long range financial plans for each and every one of its clients.


  • Responsive design – A Website that is compatible with a large variety of different devices, from desktop to tablets and cell phones.
  • Scalable content – The ability to quickly and easily add relevant information that can be made available in a meaningfull and dynamic way.
  • Security – Free from hackers and other vulnerable mishaps.


  • Redesign Buckno Lisicky’s Website on the WordPress platform.
  • User-centric design – Prioritize the user experience, featuring intuitive navigation, clear categorization of resources, and a visually appealing layout to improve engagement and retention.
  • Managed content – Using WordPress built-in CMS, content management system for ease of regular updates and consistent user interface design.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Make it easy for search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to crawl through and parse the data.
  • Enhanced security tools – Using the lastest security plug-ins with regular automatic updates to the latest technological advances.


  • Increased engagement – User engagement metrics saw a notable uptick following the redesign, with users spending more time on the site and exploring a greater variety of resources.
  • Improved accessibility – The revamped navigation and streamlined content made it easier for users to access relevant information, resulting in higher search ranking.

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30 Years in the Making ...

L•A Interactive launched Buckno Lisicky & Company’s first Website 30 years ago (in 1995) and has been doing so ever since … launching Buckno Lisicky’s 6th generation Website in the spring of 2024.

Conclusion: The redesign of Buckno Lisicky & Company’s Website exemplifies L•A Interactive’s 30+ years designing and building Websites. Starting with HTML 1.0 in the early 90’s to CSS (cascading style sheets), to Javascript for interactivity, to PHP for imbedded applications and database integration, to cloud based Web computing … and beyond!

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