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Website Design

Shine Bright ...

Illuminate your online presence!

3-Step Website Design Process

Design the next evolution of your Website with L•A Interactive by following these three easy steps!

Websites that deliver results!

    You'll work with our team to benchmark your current results, assess your immediate requirements, prioritize your short- and long-term goals, gain deeper insights into your demographics, tailor your distinct brand identity, establish a sales funnel, integrate essential performance metrics, and launch your newly revamped Website.

    After go live, you receive one complimentary analysis, identifying opportunities for future enhancements, ongoing maintenance requirements, optimization strategies, and any additional marketing opportunities.

    Website Design

    • Strategic Brainstorm Session
    • Secondary Research
    • Audience Identification (Geo-Targetting)
    • Geolocation (Geo-Fencing)
    • Branded Messaging
    • Call-to-Action(s)
    • Unique & Engaging Content
    • User Friendly Interface (UI & UX)
    • Customer Sales Funnels
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Google Analytics (GA4)
    Case Studies
    Play Video

    Listen Carefully

    Empowering Advocacy for Better Hearing Health ...

    A groundbreaking Website for Starkey Laboratories, Inc. aimed at bridging the gap between patients, hearing health professionals, and local state policymakers.

    Read more to learn about L•A Interactive’s approach to solving the unique challenges in achieving our client’s goals!

    A successful Website must continually shine bright to attract attention and captivate its audience —

    Visible from far distances, drawing attention of its viewers from across the vastness of the Internet. Just as stars emit light and energy, a well-designed Website must radiate a brilliance of creativity, providing valuable information and engaging content for its visitors. For example, a Website’s homepage is akin to a star’s core, where the most critical information is concentrated. Its navigation menu acts as guiding constellations, leading visitors through the different sections of the site. Each page within the Website can be likened to a celestial body, offering specific insights to attract viewers similarly to celestial bodies being drawn to a star’s gravitational pull.


    Just as stars come in various sizes and colors, Websites can vary in design, layout, and aesthetics, each possessing its individual charm and personality. As visitors interact with a Website, they orbit around its content, exploring its features like planets orbiting around a star. Captivating content (such as text, imagery and video) is the gravitational force that keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

    However, much like stars, Websites need to be nurtured and maintained to avoid becoming a dimming light. Regular updates, fresh new content, and a responsive design are essential to ensure your Website remains vibrant and relevant over time. Through effective search engine optimization and digital marketing strategies, your Website can shine brightly amidst the cosmic Web of online competition – leaving a lasting impression on its visitors and becoming a guiding light for those seeking your products and services!

    Unhappy with your Website? Our process ensures that your Website meets today's best practices for:
    • Optimized User Experience (UX)

    • Branded Content

    • Mobile Compatability

    • Fast Load Speeds

    • Secure Connections

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • 24/7 Malware Protection

    • Measureable Results

    We produce all types of Websites:
    • Landing Pages

    • Blogs/RSS Feeds

    • Informational

    • Business-to-Business (B2B)

    • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

    • Non-profit

    • E-commerce

    • Educational

    • Entertainment

    • Web portals

    • and more!

    The benefits of relying on L•A Interactive to host your Website:
    • No tickets – we answer the phone and e-mail

    • Dedicated Webmaster and team of marketing and technology experts, and creative professionals

    • Experience designing Websites since 1993

    Benchmarking and Analytics — A measurement for success

    L•A Interactive looks forward to helping you achieve your online marketing goals!

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    1. Website Production
      1. Navigation (sitemap and permalinks)
      2. High-quality, original content (text, images, multimedia, etc.)
      3. Ongoing Web maintenance
      4. Page title, title tags, meta descriptions, file naming, and alt tags
    2. Google Analytics
      1. Visitors, sessions, page views, bounce rate, location, page popularity, user demographics, and more
    3. Google Search Console
      1. Performance, hyperlinks, indexing status, keyword research, visibility trends, dead links
    4. Google Trends
      1. Real-time keyword / phrase measurements
    5. Google Page Speed Insights
      1. Optimize and improve overall page load and user experience
    6. Google My Business (local listing)

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    1. User Acquisition Channels
      1. UTM tracking URLs
    2. Google AdWords and YouTube Ads
      1. Keyword planner
      2. Listing / Display
    3. Google Tag Manager
      1. Measure online advertising
    4. Google AdSense


    Work directly with our team of marketing and technology experts, and creative professionals.